Portraits x Lifestyle x family

Professional Headshots - $210

Lifestyle Shoot - $260

Family Shoot $260


Fur-Baby Session - $210

Fur Family Session - $260


$55 per hour on site photography (per photographer)

$40 per hour editing rate

Cinematic Pricing

General Pricing

$55 per hour on site Cinematographer (per person)

$55 per hour sound technician / assistant (per person)

$40 per hour Editing


I’m jesse!

I’ve been making films and taking pictures for 14 years. I see myself first and foremost as a story teller, and my goal with every shoot is to tell an interesting and captivating story whether it be through pictures, video or some other medium.

I believe collaboration is key to creating art that lasts and as a director my key focus is to inspire and motivate my crew to perform at their best!


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Ceejay Stark


Jesse has done two weddings that I have been apart of, or involved in. He has done an absolutely beautiful job capturing the essence of each bride and groom during their special day. Giving them a beautiful keepsake to rewatch whenever they wish and look back on for years to come of one of the best and happiest days of couples live is priceless! Great work Jesse, you do outstanding work!

Jaimie Boomer


Amazing eye !!! What awesome photos came from the "Goat Yoga" shoot ! I can really appreciate the photographers ability to capture the beauty even while stepping through goat poop! 👍🏻🙈😊 Fantastic Job!



I highly recommend Wood Owl Studios for any of your film or photography needs. Jesse did a fantastic job on our wedding video! He also took some phenomenal photos of our pets that we are sure to treasure always. Thanks for everything.

Jon Gosselin

A few of the headshots I had done last weekend. Very happy with they way they turned out. 

Thank you Jesse Mccallum for making it a fun time. You're a talented man. If you're looking for photos to be done for personal or business try him out, he's got a way of making things fun and exciting. And I don't usually find photo shoots fun.



Jesse at Wood Owl has a knack for flow and an eye for the minor details that is unparalleled in this industry. His recording and editing work is fantastic, which is to be expected of a person like him who puts his heart and soul into the projects he works on.
I would highly recommend Jesse at Wood Owl for photography and video projects.

Hannah Larnder


Jesse does amazing photos! If anyone is looking for a photographer, Jesse is your guy! Love the pet photos he took for me .

Leanne Bausman


Very friendly and easy to get along with, I had so much fun and love all of my photos.

Jenn Casey


Highly recommend Jesse for any image you want to capture! He is great to work with, made it very fun for the kids too!

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